Brake systems:

Brake shoes
brake discs
brake pads
brake drums

Brake systems:

Bornlingo brake pads are manufactured from quality materials and undergo a series of controls before release. Many years of testing under various operating conditions have shown that the average duration of the vehicle is 25000 km, which is a great indicator of what kind of quality brake pads work. Bornlingo brake padsbelong to a class of reliable and durable pads because its performance, and is designed for commercial use.

Friction materials:

Clutch facing
lining pads
friction plates

Friction materials are made of high quality raw materials. For production have been used materials such as Kevlar and high quality resins resistant to attrition. The technology of the production leads that our materials are used in various purposes in the automotive, mechanical, engineering, , mining and other industries.


We offer you special tools for repairing blades, brake pads, production of brake pipes of all diameters, service brake system.
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